General Lashing System CO., LTD. (GLS) was founded in 1998, is a global supplier of lashing materials. Guided by 25 years’ hard working and experiences, we are always striving to provide a better and more efficient service for the lashing industry. Our mainly production and management is in Ningbo, China, and we also set up office in Shanghai. “Customer-oriented” is always our philosophy. We focus on and adhere to improve the quality, technology, and promote our service and brand.

More than 860 vessels have been supplied with GLS lashing equipments. All our products are approved by Classification Society and can be quickly delivered to our clients in all major ports and shipyards around the world.

Our products and services including but not limited to container twistlock, container bridge fittings, container turnbuckle, stacking cone, lashing bars, twistlock pocket, raised foundation, D ring, lashing bridge design etc.

Development History

  • 2021

    Establish development goals for the next ten years and start a new chapter in GLS's future
  • 2020

    In the global epidemic environment, the company achieved annual sales growth of more than 20%

  • 2019

    Developed the Chinese market and start to cooperate with Zhonggu Shipping, Antong Shipping and other companies

  • 2018

    Stared to cooperate with Maersk North America (MSK) and independently develop the first generation of automatic twistlock

  • 2017

    Signed agent in Indonesia, entered the Indonesian market, and began to cooperate with customers such as SPIL

  • 2016

    Signed agent in Turkey and Dubai to enter the Eastern European market and the Middle East market

  • 2015

    Greek agent signed and entered the Greek and Cyprus market

  • 2014

    Signed the 4800TEU new ship business of Zhengshuntek, signed the agency in South Korea, entered the Korean market, and cooperated with Sinokor and other customers

  • 2013

    Start the lashing solution design and products sale for RO-RO ship and timber ship

  • 2012

    United States agent signed and entered the American market, began to cooperate with customers like Matson

  • 2011

    Equipped with KR/NK/RS/RINA certificate, Dutch agent signed and entered the European market

  • 2010

    Equipped with BV/ABS/LR certificate, started cooperation with Singapore PIL/Xpress

  • 2009

    Set up a new build design team and start to provide lashing solution design services

  • 2008

    Cooperate with MSC to provide the supply service of lashing parts

  • 2007

    CCS/GL product approval certificate equipped, Singapore agent signed and entered the South Asian market

  • 2006

    Established GLS brand, began to self-sell lashing parts, and obtained ISO9001 factory management system certification

  • 1998

    Set up precision casting plant to provide OEM service to MacGregor, germanlashing, Allset and other lashing parts customers

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