Development History

Development History

  • 2021

    Establish development goals for the next ten years and start a new chapter in GLS's future

  • 2020

    In the global epidemic environment, the company achieved annual sales growth of more than 20%

  • 2019

    Developed the Chinese market and start to cooperate with Zhonggu Shipping, Antong Shipping and other companies

  • 2018

    Stared to cooperate with Maersk North America (MSK) and independently develop the first generation of automatic twistlock

  • 2017

    Signed agent in Indonesia, entered the Indonesian market, and began to cooperate with customers such as SPIL

  • 2016

    Signed agent in Turkey and Dubai to enter the Eastern European market and the Middle East market

  • 2015

    Greek agent signed and entered the Greek and Cyprus market

  • 2014

    Signed the 4800TEU new ship business of Zhengshuntek, signed the agency in South Korea, entered the Korean market, and cooperated with Sinokor and other customers

  • 2013

    Start the lashing solution design and products sale for RO-RO ship and timber ship

  • 2012

    United States agent signed and entered the American market, began to cooperate with customers like Matson

  • 2011

    Equipped with KR/NK/RS/RINA certificate, Dutch agent signed and entered the European market

  • 2010

    Equipped with BV/ABS/LR certificate, started cooperation with Singapore PIL/Xpress

  • 2009

    Set up a new build design team and start to provide lashing solution design services

  • 2008

    Cooperate with MSC to provide the supply service of lashing parts

  • 2007

    CCS/GL product approval certificate equipped, Singapore agent signed and entered the South Asian market

  • 2006

    Established GLS brand, began to self-sell lashing parts, and obtained ISO9001 factory management system certification

  • 1998

    Set up precision casting plant to provide OEM service to MacGregor, germanlashing, Allset and other lashing parts customers