What Is Twistlock?

Twistlock is a device used to fix containers. It is suitable for containers installed on decks and hatch covers.

The container twistlock ends are mushroom-shaped.

When using twistlock, try to insert the twist locks into the bottom holes of the four bottom corners of the container before pushing the handle Twist the mushroom head 90 degrees to lock the container.

There are two types of twist locks: manual and semi-automatic.

Container Twistlock Products

Steps for usage:

  1. Place the twist lock in the corner hole of the base or lower container, and confirm that it is in the open state;
  2. When the upper container is completely placed on the twist lock, turn the twist lock handle by hand or the joystick to make it in a locked state;
  3. When unloading, please pull the twist-lock handle back to its original position, and the twist-lock will be in the released state;
  4. After lifting off the upper container, remove the twist lock to lift off the lower container.

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