Ingenuity manufacturing, quality condensed | Genal holds a product technology improvement meeting


Recently, GLS held a container lashing product improvement introduction training meeting led by the technical department. General manager JasonYang, and related staff from the quality, production and marketing departments participated in the meeting. During the meeting, the person in charge of the technical department introduced the latest GLS improved five products from the product function and product performance to colleagues in each department, including the manual twist lock, large seat twist lock, semi-automatic twist lock, lockable stacking cone, and dovetail plate and so on.

Ingenuity manufacturing

Seiko Intelligent Manufacturing丨Quality is the life of the product

In order to make the products reach higher quality standards, GLS conducts systematic improvement and optimization through the collection of opinions and feedback on each product, and achieves the goal of comprehensively improving the quality of container lashing products. The technical department has improved the functions and performance of the following 5 products.

Ingenuity manufacturing

For example, the manual twist lock and the large seat twist lock increase the lock shaft boss, increase the chamfer of the shell part, and the bearing pressure increases by about 50%, which is 3 times higher than the national standard. The semi-automatic twist lock BD-J1 has been improved in design to make the lock drop smoother, without the risk of lock drop, and the bearing pressure is increased by about 35%.

Ingenuity manufacturing

The lockable stacking cone BC-G2 adopts no parts design, which is more convenient for maintenance, loading and unloading; the solid area of the bottom tip is enlarged to improve the impact resistance. Dovetail plate AE-A1, increase welding groove, improve welding quality.

Ingenuity manufacturing


Condensed quality丨manufacturing products above the standard

In line with the “customer-centric” business philosophy, Jenal pays more attention to high-quality product quality and considerate customer service in the journey of product development and improvement. Carefully polished, improve every detail, keep innovating, and manufacture high-quality products that meet and exceed standards and adapt to the environment.

After more than 20 years of walking, GLS has dared to accept the test of time and the supervision of customers in the process of continuous improvement and innovation, so that the container lashing industry has a higher standard, so that customers can feel at ease, peace of mind and peace of mind in the process of using the product. Finally, thank you all for witnessing GLS meticulously crafting more and better container lashing products.