Securing requirements for containers on the deck of shipping

International shipping uses containers to load goods and transport. The stacking of containers on a ship needs to be properly secured to ensure that the containers are stable and will not cause problems such as displacement or falling.

Securing requirements
1. When there is only one layer of container on the deck, it needs to be fixed at the bottom corner of the container with a bottom twist lock. In addition, tensioning devices can also be used at the two ends of the container to fasten the container diagonally or vertically. Colleagues use the container stacker cones to position the container at the bottom corner of the container.

manual twistlock
2. If the containers on the deck need to be stacked in two layers, twist locks should be used to secure the bottom corners of each layer of containers. Tensioning devices can also be used to secure the two ends of the containers on the second layer and between the decks or hatch covers. At the same time, a stacking cone needs to be installed at the bottom corners of each container. If after calculation, it is found that there is a separation force at the bottom corner of the container, then it is necessary to install a corner twist lock for locking at this position for a long time.

weldable cone
3. When the stack of containers exceeds three levels, the containers on the first and second levels need to be secured in the manner of two-tier containers, and containers with more than two levels can be secured with container twist locks.



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