Container Lashing Safe of Basic Preparation


Container shipping is the most common form of shipping in maritime trade. And it is also the simplest and fastest way of transportation at present. With the growth of the scale of the shipping industry. And the improvement of technology, the number of containers carried by container ships has increased greatly.

However, the container lashing industry is still an industry with high risk in the current maritime logistics industry.

container lashing

The so-called container lashing is the process of fixing containers together on the ship. After the container is loaded on the ship, it will be bound and fixed with lashing rod, twist lock and other container fasteners. Avoid shifting the position of the container or falling into the sea.

Port stevedores carry out container binding. However, because the ship stays in the port for less time, sometimes the deck crew will also participate.

Before the container ship stops at the port, the crew usually unload the container first. Which can shorten the working time in the port and unload the container immediately when the ship stops at the port.

In addition, the crew also needs to regularly check the container lashing. Thinking that some lashing problems will lead to various accidents.